Wednesday, 7 March 2012

T-zone, blackhead face scrub. Review.

Wow I friggin love, Love, LOVE this product! It is amazing and really good value for money and is my favourite product of all of the things I use. I really love this I feel it working on my skin and I can see and feel a difference. I use it every day as a wash and wow I really don't feel I'm up and awake unless I have washed my face with this. I use it everyday and I would recommend if you have very sensitive skin to use it every couple of days. Now my skin is very robust so when I use this I damp my face then put a good blob on my hand and get to cleaning and scrubbing those pores. I scrub quite hard and I do this for about 5 mins, I then wash it off and carry on with my day. I love how much clearer my skin looks after and I will see if I can do some before and after photos so you guys can see the difference!. I recommend this 100% and give this 5 stars!!! it is really a amazing product! if you suffer black heads and break outs I do recommend you get this product its only about £3 and you wont regret it! Please feel free to comment/message me.
Rachie Roo

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