Friday, 2 March 2012

About meeee!!

Well I guess I should tell you guys a little bit about me, well as you can see I'm 22, my music taste goes from Irish folk music, to rock and roll, to folk music, and everything in between except for rap, techno and hip hop. Now most of my other tastes are very much the same. I love Gothic style and yet I also love blues and purples. So as you can see I have a very strange taste in things. I must say I do love anything that is the darker side of life. But I also love love love anything cute its like right now I'm writing this in the librey and my pad and pencil case match and they are pink with a kitty on... Ahhh these pc's suck!!! I cant even save a picture! what the hell! lol I managed to publish a post with it in...I think.
As I have said I have fibromyalgia and that can be tough. I take about 30 pills a day for that and my depression and other problems, some days I wish my pain and depression would take a holiday lol but we get the hand we are dlt andthere is nothing we can do to change that. I like to think that I'm diffrent but Iknow the chances are im not. I don't like to be the same as everyone else I like to be as diffrent as i can and so do dye my hair, its blue right now buti want to go purple as i think it would look hot if it went from blue to purple at the end. I used to be blonde tho.
I do have piercings, my lip,eyebrow, helix, scafolding and nose, i did want snake bites but i didnt want to be the same as everyone else ... too mundane! and then i did think about having spider bites done but it is so expencive so ive stuck to what i got an i wish i had got them sooner. I hate my weight and i am trying to make myself the way i want but its very hard lol what else to say? i like to drawI like to travel,i want to be a foster mum, i crochet, i sew toys and i enjoy writing.
i guess thats all about me for now, will try and put some more photos up when i get home later.

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