Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Rachie Rants.

Okay well if you read some of my info you know I have a few medical problems and well this will just be a little rant I feel like having because I get sick of pills and doctors! Okay well....Here goes,
Okay firstly I'm on 36 pills a day?!?! what the hell? is that normal for a 22 year old to be on so many pills? no! Instead of looking at what is wrong with me they just chuck more pills at me. I go in saying this pill isn't working and hm... lets see we will just put you on a higher dose because I mean if it hasn't kicked in within 3 months well then a miracle will happen and I will suddenly feel so much better! Maybe its because i don't believe in god maybe this is his way of saying screw you! lol.
I cant believe it, last year i was in hospital with belly pain and you know what they bloody did?! they put me on liquid morphine and i was crapping myself it was really scary as i know they give that stuff to the people who are going to die! i was really scared, it was not nice at all and i found some of the staff were rude, its like this nurse was sorting the pills i started having a panic attack and went outside for a smoke and to chat to my partner on the phone (i couldn't get signal in the ward) so i come back and i said i was sorry for missing the pills but i had a panic attack and needed to phone my partner and you know what she said?! no you didn't you were smoking! i couldn't believe someone had dismissed my panic attack and accused me of lying, i got very upset, i was not in a good place as it was.
i don't sleep much, in new places I'm worse so i had my laptop with me and the people complained rudely that i was making too much noise i said i was very sorry and would make sure i was quieter the next night. so the next morning after being as quiet as i can, i asked did anyone have a problem with it? nope no one did, then just before bed (its a bad time for me anyway as i do panic at night more and always have) one of the most rude people i have ever met said to me that everyone had a problem and they told me if i was going to stay up then i had to use my laptop in the waiting room, which i must say was freezing. I was very upset to be kicked out my bed and be spoken down to. Maybe I'm just over sensitive but i was very upset.
Okay now back to today and now, Well I have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, sickness stuff, Head aches and Acid reflux. Okay now I will go into more detail about each one in another post. I am now on 36 pills a day...If I take them! lol. Anyway now you know a bit more about me and my many problems, I am sure I will be putting more posts up about this so keep watching the stars! lol I don't know where that came from!

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