Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Bloody youth of today!

Okay I know the title is a little ott but I didn’t know what else to call it, this will be my little rant about "the youth of today!"
Now firstly I would like to ask what the hell is with skinny jeans, I see guys my age with legs skinner than my arm!!! How is this sexy, now don't get me wrong I like my men skinny (always have) but when your legs ate thinner than my arm something is wrong!
Why don’t they make cute Goth clothes for bigger people, I know im on the big side and yes I would love to be skinny but that’s life, if I had the money I would have surgery I know I would without a second thought but it is so hard and depressing trying to find clothes that fit me, I’m not that huge! But I am 5, 10" and it is so hard to find jeans long enough I have been in a shop and tried on some jeans, the length was long (the longest they do) and yet they came to my ankle!!! What the hell am I the only fat tall person?! its stupid im not that tall and yet at every stage I am made to feel like a freak because of my size and the looks I get and the ridicule I receive is hard sometimes for example I was with Princess Andria (you can check her blog here) and some kids about 11 started chucking stones at me okay no biggy I don’t like stones being chucked ebcause I almost lost my eye because some stupid young person chucked it at me but that is a whole different story! okay so we are walking down the road having been to the shop and I am aware that there are stones coming my way and then I suddenly hear "oy Fatty!" and I turned to Andria and said did you hear that, no? Oh they said oy fatty and that was it she turned around and suddenly I was standing up for myself with her. I never would do that alone and I said come say that to my face...when they didn’t I said that’s what I thought. And then A walked at a fast pace to them and one of them did a runner and hid in a church!!! Of all places and I know A wouldn’t hurt them but someone might not be so reserved! I couldn’t believe that kids would say that, I mean when I was growing up if you did that you expected to be grabbed by the collar and dragged home to get shouted at and punished by your parent and yet now a days what would happen if you did that? if they were a nice working family then fine but if they were the poverty stricken families who (turning up with their child) are likely to should abuse at you as much as the child?! My question is waiting? What?!!? You should be a parent act like one! It was your choice to have the child in the first place now deal with it! Anyway rant over I know it probably doesn’t make a huge amount of sense lol! Anyway enjoy!

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