Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A poem from when I was about 15

I was a very angry teenager and this is one of the many poems I wrote. be nice and comment! 

have you ever looked in the mirror,
and hated what you see?

have you ever felt so alone,
that you just want to be?

have you ever felt like,
you have nothing left?

have you ever felt life is just,
one big fuck off test?

have you ever put a smile on,
just to make everyone happy?

have you ever felt theres nothing left,
why is everything all crappy?

have you ever been afraid,
of being who you are?

have you ever wondered,
whats the point in it all?

have you ever had your heart broken so badly,
that you just want to give up and fall?

have you ever fallen asleep,
wishing tomorrow wont come?

have you ever closed your eyes,
and started to weep?

i guess not, its just me then..

Rachie Roo

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