Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bad day.

Life Quotes, Life Quote Graphics, Life SayingsOkay this is going to be my page on what I do if I am having a bad day and I would be very happy to recive feedback from you guys! What do you do when your having a bad day? How do you pick yourself up? what makes you smile? Well this is what I have lernt that works for me. Please feel free to comment and add your own ideas and bits to this.Quotes help me and I willl be putting some quotes randomly through this. Enjoy!
I will be using bullet points to add my bits that help me and keep me smiling when everyone around me is crying.
  • Life Quotes, Life Quote Graphics, Life SayingsThe simpsons! I know its silly but the simpsons make me feel almost safe, I have watched every since I was a kid and i have wonderful memorys of sitting watching the simpsons with all my family so the simpson is the one thing I will turn to when I am low and in need of picking up.

  • Life Quotes, Life Quote Graphics, Life Sayings Bad jokes- Bad jokes will always make me smile because they are simply that bad that you can help but laugh, here is a good few examples...If God is watching us, the least we can do is be entertaining.  
    What is a zebra?  26 sizes larger than an "A" bra.
    What's brown and sticky?
    A stick!
    What has five legs, three eyes and two tails?
    A dog with spare parts. that made you laugh:D Okay I will stop being mean and making you read my really bad jokes! lol

  • Cute!- okay now this is easy whenever I am low I find cute things, I go on and I find funny things on there and cute things. I will go round the craety shops looking for teddys to take home. Or I make something cute.It doesnt take long and I will be putting more tutorials up here soon so you can use this too!
Life Quotes, Life Quote Graphics, Life Sayings
  • Go out! Get some air, even if its just sitting in the garden for 20 mins it will help! even on grey days.

  • Loose yourself in a book. you know that book you have been meaning to read for weeks, well now is a good time, snuggle up on the sofa with a coffe or tea and start reading.

  • Life Quotes, Life Quote Graphics, Life SayingsHave a hot bath. Fill it will water, put some bath bubbles in(everyone loves bath bubbles) then soak your troubbles away.

  • Avoid alcohol, its a depressant so it may make you feel good in the short term but you will get your bad day come back 50X worse! so the best thing to do is just not to drink.
  • Listen to happy songs. build me up buttercup. and things like that. songs that make you happy.
  • Don't forget you have a friend in me! I am always here for you, day or night.

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