Friday, 24 February 2012

My first revew!

 Oh wow my first ever review that will be online! Yay.
Okay so lets get down to business, okay so my first item is Wilkinson's own brand of cleanser, I will also add a link to wilko website. 
Okay well this is my every day cleanser and I feel its a good one, its also very good value for money costing only £0.98 So its a real bargain, and I wasn't expecting much from this being so cheep I did expect it would go in my pile of unused/unwanted face care products, but NO it is one of my most used items, I simply love it for every day use, I find its very mild and gentle. Its very good and I find you can really see how much dirt you end up with on your face in just a day! I was truly shocked!. I used this one twice a day, morning and night and like I said its a really good product for every day use and it doesn't even cost a pound!, 
Value for money out of 5: I give it a 5.
gentle enough for every day use out of 5: I give it a 5. (I use this twice a day!)
Easy to get ( meaning you don't have to search through like 10 sites just to find it) out of 5: I give it a 5.
Now don't think all my posts will be this positive about a product as I am only giving my opinion and my views on this product, you may hate it.

As promised here is the website :

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